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In The Winter, There Is A Lack Of Staff, Which Foreshadows Even Greater Shortages Of Employees In The Summer

Restaurant and hospitality businesses struggled to keep up with demand over the summer months due to a lack of personnel and limited operating hours.

A meeting with irate tourists who couldn’t find a place to eat during Anchorage’s busy season the previous season comes to mind for Mr. David McCarthy, co-founder and CEO of the 49th State Brewing Company.

All I heard was people screaming at me and saying things like, ‘Well, where am I supposed to eat?’ It was pretty simple.” McCarthy shared his point of view with the audience. “Every single thing has come to a total halt… The response was as follows: “All you have to do now is phone each of these companies one by one,” adds the narrator in the first person, apologizing for not knowing more. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know anymore.”

McCarthy’s restaurant was one of numerous Anchorage establishments that failed to fill employment openings during the summer of 2017, resulting in tables being left unattended at the end of the night.

Because of a huge staff shortage, we were compelled to close on Monday and Tuesday for the majority of the summer, McCarthy added.

He claims that as a result of this, the restaurant incurred a revenue loss in the hundreds of thousands of dollars during the busiest season of the year. According to McCarthy, the summer tourism season leads in a surge in sales volume for retailers.

This summer, says Nolan Klouda, executive director of the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Center for Economic Development, the hotel industry will see an uptick in business because of the tight labor market that has prevailed throughout the winter season.

The following is Klouda’s prediction: “I believe we will witness a greater, probably even more, amplified version of it.” The reason for this is simply due to the way we do things in Alaska, and the amount of extra work that is demanded during the summer months “according to the author.

As stated by Klouda, Anchorage is responsible for the creation of hundreds of thousands of new employment each year, ranging from positions in the tourism industry to those in the construction industry.

Apart from that, Klouda explained, “any kind of staffing constraints that you experience throughout the year are accentuated substantially more during those summer months.”

McCarthy went on to claim that his restaurant uses seasonal employees to assist him with the workload. Even with the return of seasonal labor in the summer, the summer months continue to be unpredictable and unpredictably hot.

As the author points out, “many have continued to refuse to return to work.” For the time being, they haven’t filed any applications for any open roles. I’m not sure if I will be open seven days a week at this time, but I’m going to make an effort to be open seven days a week throughout the summer,” McCarthy said in conclusion.

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