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The Administration Of Bronson Is Working To Make The Permits Process More Efficient And Effective

Anchorage’s government, led by Mayor Dave Bronson, aspires to be a business-friendly city that welcomes investment while also creating jobs and housing opportunities.

In an interview with Alaska Public Media, Adam Trombley, director of the Office of Economic and Community Development, said the permitting process in Anchorage has been inefficient and out of date for many years.

“Come on down, and follow the signs… It was extremely taxing, highly process-oriented, and nearly 1980s in style, so come down and follow the road.” We should not conduct business in this manner in the twenty-first century, to put it bluntly “Trombley went on to say more.

Since July, he continued, the mayor has assigned his department the task of modernizing and making the permitting process more user-friendly in a manner that is swift, efficient, and straightforward.

“”When we first started working here, I went down to one of the department’s user groups and asked, “Hey, we have all these computer systems; is it possible to integrate them so that people like me can lay in my bed at two o’clock in the morning and order beard oil from Amazon,’ and track that order?” ‘Can we do that with our developer permitting system?’ says the project manager. Trombley made a remark.

In his statement, he noted that his team has made tremendous progress so far. The development of a portal for property summary reports has allowed them to establish one-stop shops for their customers, allowing them to review historical data on a project and make improvements to reduce foot traffic.

It’s possible to obtain your permission, pay for it, and have everything in one location if you go online.

You aren’t even required to enter through the main entrance “Trombley went on to clarify.

They’re currently focusing on improving the plan submission method, which Assembly Member John Weddleton has expressed frustration with in the past year.

It’s like you’re going into battle with four scrolls this big under your arms.” When Weddleton explains, “you supply them with the pages, and they stamp them as they are completed.” To think that we were doing things the same way they did when building the pyramids was mind-boggling, especially considering that we were doing it in this day and age.”

During inter-office transfers, according to Weddleton, it was also common for designs to become separated from their original locations. Trombley and his team intend to enhance and streamline the procedure over the next few months, according to the press release.

Imagine you’re working on a construction project. “You can submit everything online, then log in and track where it is, whose department it belongs to, and what comments each department makes, and then respond to those remarks all online,” says the author “Trombley went on to clarify.

It is anticipated that the new approach will result in significant savings for the town over time, as well as the attraction of additional investment.

“I have every confidence that it will. It’s simply more efficient, and efficiency is the driving force behind our modern world “Weddleton went on to say.

It is anticipated that the complete system will be operational by late April or early May, according to Trombley, who added ARPA funds are being utilized to pay for the system modifications.

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